WSPP Dance Party

WSPP x Rove Organize a dance party in the metaverse with great prizes

WolfSafePoorPeople Official


Dear all $WSPP Holders
we happy to announce partneship woth Rove Metaverse to do Dance Party Battle event, Join us to get free reward.

Thursday, Sept 22th 20.00 WIB
Link here : Rove

Dance Battle party on Metaverse Win The Prize :
1st prize: 3 NFT Wolfangers + Arena NFT
2nd prize: 5 NFT WAYC Binance + a Sillage Gallery
3rd prize: 10 NFT NCI Binance + 5 NFT WOFL
4th prize: 10 NFT WOFL 5th prize: 5 NFT WOFL

Best Dencer from us will get 1 #Wolfipets #NFT

Also for the Holders join the event will get 2 $BUSD For 50 People only !!


  1. Show your dance moves
  2. Record your dance
  3. Tweet to share your video, tag @RoboWolf8 @Rove_to

& hashtag #RoveParty Tweets with the most likes will win the prizes! Let’s get dressed up and party

Join us Rove

Love Binance



WolfSafePoorPeople Official

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