WSPP expands project to real sector

Hi all $WSPP holders,

As CEO of the $WSPP Project, I am very happy to announce that we have an official business in the real sector, namely oil palm plantations. that it is true that yesterday on October 3, I had paid off the purchase of a 7 hectare land in Duri, Riau, Indonesia.

The purchase of the land included the cost of oil palm seeds, fertilization during this 3 year growth made $WSPP already have a business in the real sector. Oil palm is a very promising business even though it looks very long in growth but when it produces 1 palm tree it can bear fruit +- 15–22 years.

This will also be a challenge for the $WSPP team to collaborate with the #NFT world, the most important thing is that the holders must survive during the fertilization period until harvest and it’s not a short time.

How did the $WSPP team handle this?

As CEO of $WSPP we will try our best in an unstable market to take advantage of ERC721/15 as a major role in inviting $WSPP holders to invest in the long term. We promise 1 ha / -+ 136 #NFT will be able to be purchased using $WSPP tokens, but we are not sure which network we will start with.

What are the benefits they get if they have #NFT?

How will this collaboration work?

For the price of each NFT we can’t confirm but it will be soon and we make sure this is the cheapest NFT which coincides with getting a real plot of land.

Thank you for your attention.
$WSPP to the moon

Alfian Bambang Yuliato



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