$WSPP X $Rhythm

WSPP as a means of payment on the Rhythm platform!

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All Holders WSPP & GWSPP
We are excited to announce our new partner in the cryptocurrency world
WSPP has teamed up with Rhythm, The Bridge Between DeFi & The Music Industry.

Rhythm plans to revolutionize music monetization by creating a tokenized music ecosystem.

Rhythm Mission is Build the next generation of music creation & streaming tools for consumers and artists with a bridge between the music industry and DeFi.

Pave the future of both the crypto & music industry with an ecosystem that boasts of a new and improved solution for paying artists and products that will innovate both industries.

Rhythm Product.


BeatPlaylist is a desktop music streaming platform powered by YouTube that will be released in Beta during Q3, 2021.

Rhythm will be integrated into BeatPlaylist as the platform’s currency, powering our NFT albums, singles, playlists, and pins, and will offer wallet perks such as free premium to wallet holders of more than 10 million tokens and much more.

Learn more about Rhythm and BeatPlaylist through our

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$WSPP is proud to announce its partnership with Rhythm! $WSPP will be accepted as a form of payment for Rhythm’s upcoming music streaming platform, BeatPlaylist! Accepted as a form of payment for their premium service 😳 This will further validate $WSPP as a currency 🙌 This app is similar to the streaming music service of Spotify!

For more in depth information, check it out at https://rhythm.cash/

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