WSPP Airdrop from S.S.R Coinmarketcap

WolfSafePoorPeople Official
2 min readJul 19, 2021

This is the Founder speaking….

After intense negotiation at the founder’s bridge, we have struck a deal with the S.S.R. Coinmarketcap and is product to notify WSPP that the WSPP Airdrop from S.S.R. Coinmarketcap will happen!

For 5 days starting from July 25, 2021, CoinMarketCap will host an Airdrop event on their space worthy platform to promote the Wolf Safe Poor People Airdrop. Over $5,000 worth of WSPP will be sent out to 2,000 lucky participants, and it’s real simple to join.

Anyone can participate in by following these instructions:

  1. Add WSPP to your CoinMarketCap watchlist:
  2. Follow the official WSPP Twitter account:
  3. Join the WSPP Telegram group:
  4. Retweet the WSPP x CoinMarketCap Airdrop pinned on and tag at least 3 of your followers.
  5. Watch out for the winners’ list on the official WSPP twitter 7 days after the end of the competition.

This is a limited offer so don’t miss out !

We are on a mission to Moon and we are glad to find allies on the way.

Terms of the Competition:

WolfSafePoorPeople is solely responsible for the selection and distribution of assets to the winners for this event. Failure to comply with the instructions outlined in this article invalidates entire entry.

WolfSafePoorPeople reserves the right to discontinue the offering in the event of force majeure or unforeseen disabling occurrences to the detriment of the WSPP token. WSPP will not be held liable for unexpected circumstances that force the event to be discontinued.

For more information, please contact our official email at or visit our website at



WolfSafePoorPeople Official

WSPP is The first blockchain that allows and gives makes all holders rich and successful !! we help poor people !