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We Happy To Annouce Lauch NFT Wolfangers Collection!

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2 min readOct 11, 2021


All $WSPP & $GWSPP Holders, Lets Founder Talk here.
We just lauch the Platfrom NFTs Collection and will be NFT Marketplace SOON.

"Welcome Wolfangers, The strongest wolf army that guards the universe. Save this NFT as one of the requirements to join the Wolfie DC Collection"

Explain for NFTs Wolfangers :
1. Have 22 Hero character with different rate to get it.
2. Launch at 11 October 2021.
3. Sales will be divided into 5 phases to support the list on the PancakeSwap NFTs Marketplace.
4. Wolfangers is an NFT that can be staked to get $WSPP Token which will be released on 20 October 2021

Wolfangers Misterybox

How to Own Wolfangers :
1. Open Website Wolfible
2. Connect with your Metamask or TrustWallet BSC Network
3. Click Open to get Your Wolfangers, Afther Success you can click Wolfie Farming and wait 5–10 Minutes ,
4. Check on Button Wolfanges and see what type NFTs you get it.

Price :
1. 1–200 First Gatcha Price 0.005 BNB + WSPP
2. 201–400 First Gatcha Price 0.007 BNB + WSPP
3. 401–600 First Gatcha Price 0.01 BNB + WSPP
4. 601–800 First Gatcha Price 0.012 BNB + WSPP
5. 801–200 First Gatcha Price 0.015 BNB + 300.000.000.000 WSPP

All WSPP Funds From Gatcha will be Increase Pools Rewards on MasterChef
Open Source :
1. Name : Wolfangers
2. Symbol : WOFA
3. Type : ERC-721
4. SmartContract : 0x46d502fac9aea7c5bc7b13c8ec9d02378c33d36f
5. Binanc Smart Chain Network

Thank you For Your Attention
Created by Fouder WSPP
Alfian B.Y

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