We happy Announce To launch Staking Platfrom for Fluffy Corgi !

We have collaborated with the Fluffy Corgi Team to develop a staking platform project. This program will start on Decmbers 11th, 2021,
Rule to Join Staking Platfrom $FluffyCorgi same Like $WSPP Staking platfrom :

Join now :

Rule :
1. Stake Fee 10%
2. Unstake Fee 10%
3. Reinvest 10% Rewards
4. Deviden 8% Go to Deviden Pools + 2% Go to all Staker

Full Docs :

Website :
Wolfible Pools !
Fluffy Corgi !

Create By Founder $WSPP/$GWSPP
Alfian B.Y
Join Us on Telegram Group



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