We happy Announce Stake $WSPP Get $POLICE

Dear $WSPP & $GWSPP holders on Binance Smart Chain, today we are super happy to be able to offer a new $WSPP & $GWSPP Spirit Wolf Pool’s

The $WSPP & $GWSPP Garden $POLICE Pool’s:

Stake $WSPP & $GWSPP tokens, to earn $POLICE tokens!

Total Tokens: $POLICE

Distribution duration: 3,000,000 blocks, approx. 72 days

Start: August 17nd

Token rewards per block: 3000 $POLICE

Token address: 0xf25e92ed2A4E1170F980c83DE9d159D22CF55255

Start block: 10199000

What is Police Crypto ?
Before starting to invest your money in crypto, make sure you have done research / DYOR first. Make sure the money you use, is not the money you use every day, because the crypto market is very unstable.

Find out more about the crypto asset you want to buy because there are many out there, almost 95% of tokens are scam/rughpull/honeypot.

Police Crypto is happy to assist you in investigating the extent to which the tokens on the market contain scam/rughpull/honneypot. We Police crypto in collaboration with other dev dev tokens that are not scams will provide information to potential holders so as not to be deceived. Report any Tokens with scam/rughpull/Honneypot to

Website :
$GWSPP Farms

Create By Founder $WSPP/$GWSPP
Alfian B.Y
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