We happy Announce Stake $WSPP Get $FG & FRT NEW PARTNERSHIP

Dear $WSPP & $GWSPP holders on Binance Smart Chain, today we are super happy to be able to offer a new $WSPP & $GWSPP Spirit Wolf Pool’s

New Rule of Pools Tax :

Stake pay WSPP (0,1$)
Harvest pay WSPP (0,1$)

The $WSPP & $GWSPP Garden $FG & FRZ Pool’s:

Stake $WSPP tokens, to earn $FG & FRT tokens!

Total Tokens in USD Prize:
1. FARMAGEDON ($FG) = 750 $
2. FERTILIZER ($FRT) = 750 $

Distribution duration: 2.000.000 blocks, approx. 68 days

Start: October 8nd, 2021

FARMAGEDON address: 0x4492ca0aff6d603e18aea5075b49a5ff76b9ea06
FERTILIZER address: 0xd51237a6f3219d186f0c8d8dd957b1bcb3ce5d48

Start block: 11600000



Farming Made Easy

Farmageddon and Fertilizer tokens will be used to power a platform bringing the lucrative yet complicated process of yield farming to the masses.

Farmageddon is simplifying the process of staking. After choosing the Farm you want to stake in, you enter the quantity of FG tokens you want staked — leave the rest to us. As your rewards start growing you will be able to compound (compost) your rewards back into the farm with one simple click.

Not only are we simplifying the process, but bringing all yeild farms to one site! Pancakeswap farms, Olivecash Farms, and more will all be available on our platform — accessible with one simple transaction!

Check them out!

Website :
$GWSPP Farms
Create By Founder $WSPP/$GWSPP
Alfian B.Y
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