Cross Pools & Community

We happy Announce Collaborate with Cougarswap!

We have collaborated with the Courga Team for Cross Pools. This program will start on November 30th, 2021 !!

Staking $WSPP Get Free $CGR on Courgaswap Site :

Staking $CGR Get Free $WSPP on Wolfible Site powers by $ABS Pools reason of Decimal:

What is CougarSwap :
CougarSwap — The futuristic generation Yield Farming strategies built on Binance Smart Chain features at highest stability and security level.

Highlight Features:

  • Support PancakeSwap V2 ✅

System Features:

  • Cougar AMM Dex

How To Protect User From Rugpull:

  • 90% liquidity locked for 1 year

Our Project was inspired by PancakeSwap, Goose Finance, PantherSwap and Venus Vaults.