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The world of cryptocurrencies is full of confusion, of course investing in this world has a lot of risks, let’s take an example from the following problems:

1.Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency trading can be used for criminal activities, tax evasion, and money laundering. Yes, they can do the same with cash, but this makes it a little too easy for them.

2. Trading. 95% of traders lose money, the average trader has no more profit than saving Money.

3. NFT. How can we know if a link really belongs to the original artist? and If the operator of a company or website goes bankrupt, the files will also be lost.

4. GameFi. Many play to earn products this year experienced drastic price drops, it made many people waste their money in
buying NFT products.

From all the problems above we found a solution that is WOLFILAND Project.


is a new innovation to combine Defi, Game and NFT technology with digital market in one Metaverse system. Moreover, it provides passive income for Token and NFT holders in a unique way and a new method.

Our 4 advantages that can solve problems include:
a. Staking platfrom.
The term savings scheme system will make WOLFILAND holders get the same passive income, in the sense that it is not regulated by the size of the entry fee but the percentage in one year so that everyone has the same opportunity to earn income.

b. Metaverse E-Commerce.
Metaverse is very popular in current conditions, we take advantage of this moment as a branch of the real business, the advantage is that buyers get real products and NFT items that can be used in their characters in the metaverse world.

c. GameFi.
Games are an entertainment for both young and old people in their spare time. WOLFILAND offers games that are not boring and also provide passive income.

d. Yield Farming.
In the investment world, Yield farming is embraced in stabilizing the market, what is the advantage of WOLFILAND, you can get 2 Tokens at once if you join our Yield program.

Our team is experienced in cryptocurrency development.

Come join us :

Seed Sale 1 May 2022

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WolfSafePoorPeople Official

WSPP is The first blockchain that allows and gives makes all holders rich and successful !! we help poor people !