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3 min readJun 16, 2021


We are pleased to announce that there is an open migration from WSPP to Golden Wspp. We made this change because many large markets do not support tokens with very low prices.

Please note that WSPP will always be there because we don't eliminate it, according to the roadmap that is already running WSPP will be able to FARM and POOL on the Olive Cash platform, and can still be staked on our web platform.


  1. Will WSPP be deleted?
    - Of course not because the WSPP Program will continue to run and will synergize with GoldenWSPP, 4 exchange markets have been registered with WSPP and stake, farm and pool programs are also running. There is no reason for us to eliminate WSPP. If the WSPP price goes down, we will buy it back and then burn it.
  2. How much does it cost to exchange WSPP to GoldenWSPP?
    - The exchange of WSPP to GWSPP is adjusted to the market price, for now we only supply 37000 GWSPP in PCS to see the market price, if the GWSPP price increases, the greater the amount of WSPP you exchange. For those who take part in the Stake event program until July 1, 2021, we provide free exchange without any slippage according to the market price at that time.
    By filling in the google from address and proof of transaction to the developer, you will get the same amount of GWSPP.
  3. Will WSPP be removed from hotbit/PCS/IndoEX/BankCEX/OliveCash?
    - NO
  4. Will the WSPP Stake program continue to run forever?
    - YES
  5. Can GWSPP be exchanged at PCS?
    - Yes, it is now possible but the supply is limited to only 37000 GWSPP because we will give rewards to people who have WSPP on 1–7 July later.
  6. What is the price of GWSPP now?
    - You can check this :

Tokenomic Golden WSPP :

  1. 💰 $GWSPP is BEP20 Token With Real Use Case
    💰 Total Supply : 50.000.000
  2. 💎 Fee:
    ✅ 4% Liquidity
    ✅ 4% Redistribution
    ✅ 1% Burn
    ✅ 0.1% Tip to the Dev
    ✅ 5% Whale Only Fee (Only when your balance is > capWhaleWalletBalance)
    ✅ Max Transaction : 1% From Total Supply (500.000)
    ✅ Max Wallet Balance : 3 times Max Transaction (1.500.000)
  3. 💎 AntiWhale
    ✅ CapWhaleWalletBalance : 80% From Max Wallet Balance (Balance > 12.000.000)
  4. 💎 AntiBot and Dump
    ✅ 15 seconds between each transaction per wallet.
    ✅ Cant send multiple transaction in one block per wallet.
  5. 💎 AntiDump
    ✅ Fee Multiplier after release only sell
    ✅ x2 in 24 hours after released
    ✅ x1 after 24 hours after released
  6. 💎 Security
    ✅ LP Burn 100%
    ✅ Ownership Renounced
  7. 🚨Roadmap
    - Open Price 0.05 USDT
    - Open change WSPP to Golden Wspp 1–7 july
    - Listed On Coin Tiger 8 July
    - Open Pool WSPP to Golden WSPP 15 July
    ( Stake WSPP get Reward Golden WSPP )
    - listed On B-One Exchange 30 July 2021

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