BabyCake Pool’s

Dear $WSPP & $GWSPP holders on Binance Smart Chain, today we are super happy to be able to offer a new $WSPP & $GWSPP Spirit Wolf Pool’s


The $WSPP & $GWSPP Garden $BABYCAKE Pool’s:

Stake $WSPP & $GWSPP tokens, to earn $BABYCAKE tokens!
Total Tokens: 3.100.000 $BABYCAKE

Distribution duration: 1.000.000 blocks, approx. 34 days

Start: July 23nd

Token rewards per block: 3.1 $BABYCAKE

Token address: 0xdb8d30b74bf098af214e862c90e647bbb1fcc58c

Start block: 9380000

$BabyCake proposes an innovative feature in its contract : DIVIDEND YIELD PAID IN CAKE! With the auto-claim feature, simply hold $BabyCake and you’ll receive CAKE automatically in your wallet. Hold Baby Cake and get rewarded in Cake on every transaction!

Website :
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Create By Founder $WSPP/$GWSPP
Alfian B.Y
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