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2 min readJul 8, 2021


Dear $WSPP and $GWSPPholders on Binance Smart Chain, today we are super happy to be able to offer a new $WSPP and $GWSPP Garden Pool

The $WSPP and $GWSPP Garden $ROF Pool:

Stake $WSPP and $GWSPP tokens, to earn $ROF tokens!
Total Tokens: 6,000,000 $ROF

Distribution duration: 500,000 blocks, approx. 17 days

Start: July 15nd

Token rewards per block: 12 $ROF

Token address: 0xcd95b05ebe61244de4df9c2c4123920f016a06df

Start block: 9171000

New Farm:
In order to host the $ROF $WSPP and $GWSPP Garden Pool, we will need to provide a $ROF-BNB farms that will have 1x
$GWSPP rewards.

What is $ROF?

Rosefinance is an social networking platform to help build a network to buy and sell like/- subscribes; a global platform for and provision of know-how to get engagement and retention. As a currency, it is backed by a team of people with great technical and commercial skills, people who will share advice and show the right direction to young teams in addition to providing real users for creating real value. Unlike other projects, Rose finance coin will considered to be a universal payment for social network transactions, but aside from serving as a platform for popularity and inuencers, it also provides an opportunity for any person to take advantage of the benets that increased engagement over. With Rosefinance’s proprietary growth engine, you’ll get followers and likes to increase engagement andretentionat the most optimal rate.

Website :
$GWSPP Farms
$ROF Website

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WolfSafePoorPeople Official

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