Announcing the Wolf Safe Poor People Token (WSPP) Launch

Important Dates & Distribution Breakdown

Key Points:

  • Target burn when lauch 40% of total supply is complete.
  • Airdrop & Token sale 25% of the total supply has been completed on June 10, 2021.
  • Registered in 4 markets namely Hotbit, IndoEX, BankCex and PancakeSwap V2 has been completed on June 11.

We are excited to announce the launch date and details of the WSPP token. Buyers will be able to buy tokens on the website that we have provided and this ends on June 11, 2021. Currently, WSPP tokens can be traded on several exchanges listed on Coin Market Cap.

To learn more about the technical aspects of Wolf Safe Poor People and the role of WSPP in networking, see our FAQ. Or, watch the technical overview presentation I recently gave on the official WSPP Youtube.

Initial WSPP Allocation

Total Supply

Token Burn (40%)

At the time of the first launch of WSPP the number of tokens burned was 40% of the total supply. The WSPP team did this to reduce the number of WSPP in circulation because we have a large supply of 50,000 trillion.

Airdrops (10%)

The team from the Wolf Safe Poor People project gives to anyone who wants WSPP in their wallet for free, this takes up 10% of the total WSPP supply.

Token Sale (15%)

In addition to distributing airdrops for free, the Wolf Safe Poor People team also sells 15% WSPP Tokens from the total supply starting from 19 May 2021 to 10 June 2021, the funding that the Team gets from the token sale is used for Marketing and listing on 3 Exchanges, namely Hotbit, IndoEX and BankCex.

Liqudity (20%)

The team added WSPP liquidity in pancakeSwap v2 and locked it for 6 months, launching on PancakeSwap v2 on 11 june 2021 as much as 20% of the total supply.

Founding Team (5%)

WSPP founding team allocation will be awarded on a traditional 4-year vesting schedule with a one-year bluff. We believe this should be standard practice for any team committed to making their project a long-term success.

Donate (10%)

Donation is the main program of Wolf Safe Poor Poeple, we have donated 10% of the total wspp troops to people in need.

Learn more about WSPP and join our community

Website | Blog | Twitter | LinkedIn | Telegram for updates in the WSPP ecosystem



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