Wolfible is a WSPP NFTs Paltfom by combining smart contacts for minting, token exchange, NFTs Auction, discovery, standards, NFT Collection, NFT DeFi, Yield Farming & Pools used in smart contracts. WolfIble pursues the goal of creating a highly fluid environment where everyone can create NFTs easily and inexpensively, as we know WolfSafePoorPeople (WSPP) token is a token with a vision and mission to help all poor people in the world, with Wolfible all people can experience making NFTs and work to earn additional income.Wolfible is designed as an NFT protocol for all, owned and managed by the community. In this regard, a special place in the initiative is reserved for the WolfSafePoorPeople $WSPP native governance token as the foundational building block for the future NFT ecosystem.

Wolfible BSC Product

✨ Binance Smart Chain SDK ✨ enables applications to easily interact with Wolfible.👷 With the Wolfible on Binance Smart Chain, you can: Create sell orders 💰, Create/accept bid for auctions, Buy tokens for regular sell orders, Create Mint NFT ERC721 and ERC1155 tokens, Make regular mint, Transfer tokens, Burn tokens, Open Blind Box, NFT FarmingYield Farming & Pools, GameFi ( Soon ! )

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WolfSafePoorPeople Official

WSPP is The first blockchain that allows and gives makes all holders rich and successful !! we help poor people !