WSPP Listed on Coinsbit

🔥 Don’t miss WSPP token listing on Coinsbit! 🔥

💥 Dear users, we are glad to announce that WSPP token will be available on Coinsbit on 06.10.2021!

🌐 The WolfSafePoorPeople project states, that it aims to reduce the world’s poverty by helping poor people.

💠 WSPP is a PRC-20 token, which was designed to develop NFT and GameFi programs of the project, as well as for AMA rewards, trading, staking and farming within the platform.

©️ Smart-contract: 0x46d502fac9aea7c5bc7b13c8ec9d02378c33d36f

💰 Pair:

✅ Follow the links below to get more info:

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Hello all helpers of the poor!

We are very happy to inform you that we are currently holding an event, even though wspp was only founded 3 weeks ago but already has tremendous potential in the cryptocurrency world. Our own mission is to help the poor people in the world.

🔥🔥1000x ALERT🔥🔥
557 Token Holder Thanks !!!

Helping poor people by
#Claim 🎁500.000.000 WSPP (WolfSelfPoorPeople) Tokens
🎁250.000.000 WSPP for Referral

Give away $100 USDT who have more referal !!

🔹Open Trust wallet or Metamask
🔹Go to Dapps
🔹Copy & Paste Airdrop link below in Dapp Search Box:
👉 Airdrop Link :
🔹Change network to Smartchain
🔹Click Claim Airdrop
(Little $0.22 Fee Required in BNB)
🔥 Airdrop End Date 20th June, 2021
✅Add custom token: Contract Address: 0x46d502fac9aea7c5bc7b13c8ec9d02378c33d36f

✅ Proof here (👈


WSPP is The first blockchain that allows and gives makes all holders rich and successful !! we help poor people !

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